We develop cutting-edge EV charging technologies.

Tech for all

We dev tech for charging networks of all kinds, from cars to spaceships!

We’re igniting a revolution in electric mobility across Latin America by accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles, promoting energy efficiency, and expanding charging infrastructure. At Spott, we develop cutting-edge technologies for charging networks of all sizes, from cars to spaceships! Our products are specifically designed for charging network operators, businesses, residential and commercial condominiums, electromobility service providers, and drivers.

A powerful duo Manager + App


Up to 65% savings on installations compared to current solutions Installation without major construction or unnecessary investments.


Our software allows you to have 3 times more charging stations in locations with limited power capacity.


Our 100% open platform supports all charger manufacturers and the leading electric vehicle brands.

Energy management for electric vehicle charging

Smart Spott automatically adjusts the power of chargers based on the variation in building energy use.

The technology provides an extra layer of security for any place by preventing energy consumption from exceeding the capacity limit. This allows chargers to use only the available energy, avoiding overloads in the infrastructure.

Spott advantages

Tailored solution

We analyze your profile to develop the best approach to integrating our charging solution into your business model.

No unnecessary costs

Smart Spott is a solution that brings efficiency to existing infrastructures. It reduces the total cost of investment and allows you to monetize your electric vehicle chargers.

Ready for the future

Our platform is designed to grow with you. Without having to make unnecessary investments, you will always have cutting-edge technology at your side in a simple, easy, and economical way.

The best experience for the driver

Stand out with the best charging experience, perfectly designed to meet the needs of drivers on a daily basis.

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